stout-hearted trio

i hoped to share my newest project in this post. but alas! today the minutes hastened away more rapidly than usual and i have nothing to show for a hard day's work. 

so. on another note.  i give you the stout-hearted triplets. 

jewelry by l.darling


the rhymes flowed naturally and the rest is history

chris young the rapper tried free styling for the first time at the age of 12. eight years later he signed to bananabeat records, becoming the label's premier artist.

chris young the rapper: "stop"

hailing from baltimore, maryland, rye rye is an american rapper and dancer. at the ripe age of 19, rye rye is the first artist signed to m.i.a's label n.e.e.t.

rye rye: sunshine ft. m.i.a.